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Aces Billet Application Form

The St. Stephen Aces Junior A Hockey Club is gearing up for its exciting second season and while fans cheer the team on the ice, the players will also need some support away from the rink.

Many of the Aces will be coming to Charlotte and Washington County from far and wide. They need a home away from home and the club is looking for billet families to help provide a safe and supportive environment for our young players.

A meet and greet style information session for potential billets or people looking for more information will be held closer to the summer months.

“The St. Stephen Aces players are going to bring a lot to our communities,” said Aces President John Hyslop. “These are exceptional young men willing to leave their homes to come here to our community to follow their dream. They’re going to bring positive energy to the rink and out in the community and we’re excited to see it – but we need the help of local families.”

Billeting can be exciting and rewarding for host families and billet families play a valuable role in the development of players on the ice and the development of young men off it.

Players who are coming to our community to pursue the Junior A hockey path are making a lot of sacrifices for their love of the game. Junior A hockey will push them to their physical limits and moving away from their families can be tough.

             As an Aces Billet (Host) Family You Will Provide:

  • A private room for the player with a bed, closet space, dresser and a work desk (if possible.)
  • Nutritious meals and snacks.
  • Support so the player feels that this is his home away from home, creating a family atmosphere.
  • Laundry and chores to be determined between billet family and player.
  • Players will follow rules as set by the billet family and supported by Aces staff.

    Benefits For Billets:
  • In addition to receiving Season Tickets, Aces billets also receive a monthly stipend.
  • Billeting enables you to be a huge part of the Aces Hockey Community.
  • There are life-long friendships made between billet families, players and even the players’ families.
  • Billeting can be a very exciting and rewarding experience for all that are willing to open their homes to dedicated players of the County Aces.

If you have any Interest or questions about how to become an Aces Billet Family, please contact Aces Billet Co-ordinator:  Pege Peters (506) 466-4545,

Aces Billet Application Form